Director: Maria Lugones, Phd

Associate Director: Marilyn Gaddis Rose, Phd

Associate Professor: Joshua Price, Phd

Secretary: Rosita Cora

Graduate Assistant: Jen-Feng Kuo

Steering Committee:

Sue Crowley, Eric Dietrich, Thomas Glave, William Haver, Gladys Jimenez Muñoz, Joshua Price, Stephen David Ross, Andrew Walkling, Donald Weiss, Michael West

Grant Writing Committee:

Sue Crowley, Pedro Di Pietro, Seokyung Han, Ricardo Laremont, Maria Lugones, Marilyn Gaddis Rose, Wesley Saavedra

Binghamton Faculty Associated with the Center:

Jeffner Allen, Mona Basta, Gisela Brinker-Gabler, Lubna Chaudry, Sue Crowley, Eric Dietrich, Marilyn Gaddis Rose, Thomas Glave, Bill Haver, Gladys Jimenez Muñoz, Ricardo Laremont, Maria Lugones, Ingeborg Majer O'Sickey, Dina Maramba, Bill Martin, Ali Mazrui, Neill Pages, Michael Pettid, Joshua Price, Stephen Ross, Pamela Smart, John Tagg, Andrew Walkling, Donald Weiss, Michael West, Leo Wilton, Lisa Yun

Graduate Students Associated with the Center:

Mazi Allen, PIC. Manuel Chavez, PIC. Vik Chaubey. Meng-Shi Chen. Cheryl DeRosa-Parham, MASS. Pedro Di Pietro, PIC. Cora Dho. Neda Hadjikhani. SeoKyung Han, PIC. Robin Haug, PIC. Anne Jahn, COLI. Nikolay Karkov, PIC. Azer Keskin, Anthropology. Kisoo Kim. Charles King, COLI. Jen-Feng Kuo, PIC. Rafael Motta, PIC. Goretti Mugambwa, Social Work. Nicholas Natividad, PIC. Kevin Nauen. Noelle Paley (PIC). Anwar Radha, PIC. Eileen Rizo-Patron. Chantal Rodais, COLI. Shireen Roshanravan, PIC. Wesley Saavedra, PIC. Sasha Shivers, PIC. Danesh Singh, SPEL. Tahir Fuzile Sitoto, PIC. Gabriel Soldatenko, PIC. James Stanescu, PIC. Ovidiu Tichindeleanu, PIC. Orlando Tirado, Comparative Literature. Carol Tushabe, PIC. Johanna Vasseur. Gabriela Veronelli, PIC. Erin Walsh, COLI. Betty Wambui. Yeri Yoon, PIC.

Graduate Associates

Adeolu Aderinola Ademoyo: Seeking doctoral degree in Philosophy, Interpretation and Culture. Has a degree in dramatic arts as well as a masters in philosophy. Interests include African languages and philosophy with areas of specialization in epistemology, language, ontology, ethics, and metaphysics in African philosophy. Current research concerning language and ontology in African philosophy

Nathan Batalion: Interested in evironmental history and philosophy.

Pamela O. Brown: Areas of specializing include black consciousness and resistance, black women's history, film as public discourse, social political art, transformative justice, and sexual literacy.

Sule Can: Research focuses on: Islamic minorities, ethno-religious communities and cultural memory, resistance in everyday life, religion and modernity, cultural diversity and identity. Interests also includes: gender, psychoanalytic theory and culture industry.

Noelle Chaddock Paley: Areas of Study and Activism include: Politics of People of Mixed Race, Narratives of People of Mixed Race, Critical Race Theory, Politics of Race in the Americas, Politics of Women of Color, Narratives of the Oppressed expressed through performance and visual art, Decolonial Thinking, Prison Abolition, Broome County Jail Project, and Rethinking the Prison Industrial Complex and Racialized Institutions in the United States. Extracurricular interests include: Trained vocalist, conductor, stage production and direction, performance art, dance, piano, voice coach and founder of Harmony Voice Studio.

Maria Chavez: Interests are decoloniality, communities color politics, theater, popular education, race, gender, desire, the body, and sex/sexuality. Focuses her studies within the regions of the US, Caribbean, and borderlands.

Ozgur Cicek: Interests in the PIC department include: film theory, cinema and politics, national and transnational cinema, post-colonial theory, state theories, psychoanalysis, fantasy literature, detective fiction, media studies and communication studies.

Lakshmi Damayanthi: An actress, singer, dancer and stage director from Sri Lanka. Areas of research and teaching interests include cultural studies, specializing in dance, music, theatre, and women in South Asia. Dissertation research is focused on indigenous theatre and its interactions with Western drama in postcolonial Sri Lanka.

Seokyung Han: Exploring dissertation topic on the book culture of Korea. Tracts the ways in which the circulation of the didactic books affects women's life in the premodern Korean society.

Lars Robin Haug: Rhetorics of technology and ecology. Anachronicity - grammachines - general and special theory of iterability - teorhetics - prosthesia - inversalization - allocracy - irradicalism.

Manuel Chávez Jiménez: Teaching and research interests include Latin American Philosophy, postcolonial philosophy, Multiculturalism, philosophies of praxis, and U.S. Latina/o Theory. As a Ph.D. candidate, he is completing his dissertation which examines the question of praxis from the location of Chicana/o Theory.

Rachel Kaufman: Holds a B.A. in Literature from University of California, Santa Cruz. Her interests include literature and film studies, gender, feminist, and queer studies, continental philosophy, critical theory, jurisprudence, post- and de-colonial theories, and anti-capitalist thought and action. Currently researching conceptualizations of self and selfhood, with a focus on their multiple relations to capitalist paradigms of private property, law, human and women's rights movements, and narrative.

Abubakr Khan: Research interests include: critical theory and contemporary continental philosophy; the idea and the power of the state; poststructuralism, political sociology, and postmodern critiques of subjectivity; difference, lack, phantasm, myth, simulacra, différance, habitus, biopolitics, and so on. Other areas of interest include: the philosophy of education, critical pedagogy, the logic of capital, questions of identity and hybridity, postcoloniality, interdisciplinarity, intersections of philosophy and literature, media and cultural studies, feminisms, development, and music theory.

Stacie Kotschwar: Interests include: Feminist theory, film studies and popular culture with a focus on body image, consumer culture and performances of gender and sexuality. In particular, the social psychology of clothing, perceptions of ideal beauty in media, and potential harmful effects of body modifications and consumer practices to conform to societal standards and ideologies. Research interests include looking at digital representations of the self on MySpace and Facebook. Other interests include environmentalism, the organic lifestyle movement, and vegetarianism.

Jemimah Mwakisha: Current areas of interest include: Intercepting socio-cultural intersections and identities; social change and transmission of social cultural values in Africa; global imperialism and African youth; Bridging colonial breaches

Rafael Mota: Interests include:Black Marxism, the Black Radical Tradition and History.

Ayao Nubukpo: Interested in the Harlem Renaissance Movement and Negritude as possible origin of postcolonialism.

Bican Polat: Interests include: Thinking, creativity, autonomy, affects and cognition, neuroscience, mass culture, the unconscious, multilateral communication, anthropology of consciousness, zen, mindfullness, Artaud.

Wesley R. Saavedra: Interests include: Ecological Dimensions of Race and Space, Afro-Diasporic Thought, esp. Baldwin and Ellison, Afro-Futurism/Science Fiction, Surrealism, Disciplines, Arts, and Aretes of the Body, Non-Western Cosmologies, Aesthetics, and Metaphysics, History of Arts and Movements.

Dawn A. Saliba: Interests include: Shakespeare and the transcendent, music-theatre, the intersection between the politic and the performative, myth and drama, the theatre of ancient Greece, poetry and sound, folklore of the supernatural, aesthetics of creativity, and writing (poetry, plays, and performance).

James K Stanescu: Areas of interests include: Critical Animal Studies and Posthumanist thought, Bio-ethics, Continental Philosophy (specializing in contemporary French and Italian thought), Rhetoric, Decolonial Philosophy, Feminist and Queer Theory, Philosophy of Rights.

Soichiro Tokuda: Asian-American literature, critical theory, philosophical thinking and identity study in Asian-American literature. Immigrant identity through study of Asian-American literature.

Yerie Yoon: Studies and seeks interest in "Race and Masculinity."

Gabriela A.Veronelli: The Coloniality of Language. Research focuses on how colonial conditions of the social have continued to inform linguistic usages, practices, and sensibilities until the present. Philosophy of Language, Dialogism, Postcolonial and Decolonial Studies, Race Studies, Latin American Philosophy, Ethnic Studies, Hermeneutical Plurality, and Translation Theories.

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